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The Analyze Mayo 3D Brain Atlas Add-On provides a unique integration of a new 3D anatomical atlas of the human brain with Analyze, for the purpose of using defined anatomical components in the brain within various Analyze modules. The Mayo 3D Brain Atlas Add-On provides four key steps in the integration of this 3D brain atlas:

1. Interactive AC-PC based alignment of volume image data to the Talairach-Tournoux coordinate and proportional grid system.

2. Interactive scaling of the proportional grids to improve the spatial registration of the 3D Mayo Brain Atlas with the volume image data.

3. Single or multiple point query of Talairach/volume coordinates to identify the nearest Talairach label to the queried point.

4. Output of atlas-derived anatomical component maps for use with other Analyze modules.

The Mayo 3D Brain Atlas provides improved Talairach-Tournoux based 3D labeling of activation regions by enabling precise sub-millimetric localization. The atlas is derived and propagated in a novel way from the 2D Talairach-Tournoux digital brain atlas. Navigation in the orthogonal planes of the atlas is based on a proprietary (patent-pending) directionally-dependent 3D shape interpolation technique incorporating a priori knowledge of neuroanatomy and the 2D Talairach-Tournoux atlas. Activation spot query is based on 3D superposition and neuroanatomy-driven refinement of the orthogonally interpolated sections. Such a scheme enhances the accuracy of 3D labeling and provides sub-millimetric activation spot localization; a task previously not achievable with other atlas-based tools.

For Mayo 3D Brain Atlas Add-On pricing, please contact our sales department by e-mail at or by phone at 913 338 2527.